Benefits of Book Reading for Pre-schoolers  

Benefits of Book Reading to Pre-schoolers
Young children are constantly exposed to a socially changing environment where they are surrounded by their parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, classmates, and teachers. However, besides the people who are with them 24/7, there are tangible objects that can also influence your kids’ cognitive function or social skills. Books, for example, are one of the most treasured things where there is direct learning. Curious Minds Learning Center is a Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA, where we value the great importance of books and the value of reading. There are many advantages that book reading can benefit your child, it improves vocabulary, enhances imaginative skills, gains an understanding of the world, and discovers on the way things are.
As the most preferred Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA, our teachers who are well-equipped in knowledge and skills will immerse young learners to reading quality books that can enhance difference aspects of their cognitive ability.
Below are the benefits that Curious Minds Learning Center educators will utilize to sharpen up juvenile learners.

  1. To promote reasoning and develop problem-solving ability
    Popular children’s books that will explore their eagerness to reason and find solutions to problems include “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Earl Carle and “How a House Is Built” by Gail Gibbons.
  2. To stimulate imagination
    Our Curious Minds Learning Center teachers will read interesting stories to children with book characters which is an effective method for children to participate and pretend play. It will help them express their own understanding of the story by portraying roles thus help them build more of their own imaginative thinking.
  3.  To increase memory retention
    Reading stories creatively facilitates the formation of memory and retention. It is significant to ask questions to children that they can relate to. For example, if the story takes place in a garden, he or she can ask whether young learners have been to the place. Repetition on fresh topics will also aid kids in remembering.
  4. To improve social perception
    Exposing young learners to stories that involve behaviors, emotions or feelings and communication will enhance younger children’s ability to socialize with others and can gain comprehension on how socialising in reality works. The book “Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning About Empathy” by Bob Sornson, Ph.D. will help kids advance their thoughts in building a good rapport or harmonious relationship to people.

Seize this opportunity of having your child develop a love for books and benefit from the ideas or concepts that stories or significant information wish to convey for a better understanding of the world. If you want your pre-schoolers to be enrolled at Curious Minds Learning Center, give us a call at 415-927-2616 for more information or pay us a visit in our Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA! If you have youngsters with an eager to know attitude, Curious Minds Learning Center is a remarkable way to polish up their young, clever brains!  

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