Parents’ Involvement Is Vital In Early Childhood Education

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Parents, you’re not off the hook yet.

If you’ve just heaved a big sigh of relief after you’ve enrolled your two-year old tot to an early childhood school, hold your horses just yet.

Your involvement in the education of your child – even if it’s just for early childhood education – is indispensable, especially if you choose our institution, Curious Minds Learning Center, the one of a kind childcare center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA.

To quote Grant Wood: Children have the greatest chance of reaching their potential and becoming positive members of the school community if schools treat parents as partners.

That’s exactly what we are doing at Curious Minds Learning Center. We believe that families are the life force of our school. As the child’s first teacher, we honor and delight in the prospect of partnering with you, parents, in your child’s first journey into a social context outside the loving arms of his/her home life.

Though the childcare center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA is not a parent cooperative, we do value the input, support, and volunteerism that help create a caring and inclusive school culture. 

Examples of Parents’ Roles At Curious Minds Learning Center

Below are just some of the many ways for parents to get involved in the education of their child at the childcare center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA:

  • Our Parent Association works together with room parents in each class to provide social interactions outside the school building, such as holiday parties, mom’s (and dad’s) night out, park playdates on non-school days, and our annual CMLC movie night each spring.
  • Our Natural Classroom days invite parent volunteers to help supervise as well as partner with the teachers in creating memorable outdoor experiences for the children.
  • We regularly invite parents to spend “a day in the life” of their preschooler.
  • Each family is cordially invited to share their family values and uniqueness in their individual ‘Family Culture Share” day.
  • Each fall, we celebrate the changing of the seasons with a Heritage Feast, with families contributing foods from their various cultures, whether mac ‘n cheese or Indian dahl.
  • Too busy to volunteer? We understand. Families are invited to donate a bouquet of flowers to beautify their child’s classroom or make a batch of fresh playdough.

Take an active role in the formation of your child. Enroll him or her at Curious Minds Learning Center, the unique childcare center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA.

Come talk to us at our office in 47A Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera, CA 94925. Or give us a call at 415-927-2616. You can also email us at

We’re pretty sure you don’t run out of experiences to share about the early education of your little one. Please post them in the comments section below.

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