Teachers’ Guide: Tips on How to Make a Kid-Friendly Classroom on the First Day of Preschool  

teacher's guide

Teaching is a fulfilling profession. The ability to share your knowledge, skills and talents to other people is a rewarding experience. And it is not only a one-way learning system but both benefit from each other. When you are an early-childhood development educator, there is a different level of satisfaction and challenges that a teacher can go through.
For parents looking at preschool programs, Curious Minds Learning Center, a Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA offers an unparalleled grade of discipline for your little munchkins to help them develop their intellectual, physical, emotional and social aspects. We have knowledgeable and passionate teachers who will guide young children expand their creative minds. Are you keen to get a view of how we keep our classrooms conducive for learning to your kids?
Our enthusiastic and friendly teachers have utilised the following artistic ideas to decorate the classroom and transform it into a warm and instructional atmosphere for kids. Curious Minds Learning Center, artsy teachers will:

  • Design a colourful bulletin board with names of your students to let them feel welcome in their classroom. You can add embellishments, sparkles, stickers etc.
  • Create “mini-zip bags” for your young learners which include their nameplates, school rules, colouring books and any other learning materials.
  • Label box organisers with school supplies such as pencils, crayons, glues, scissors, erasers etc., for accessibility and well-kept look.
  • First day of school is the perfect time to give directions and set rules in your classroom. Make written routines for the visual familiarity of your young learners. Remember to be creative! You can teach them via rhymes or songs to help them memorize or familiarize the specific items you want them to remember.
  • Separation anxiety is common among pre-schoolers, in Curious Minds Learning Center parents are invited for a first day sit in the class together with their kids.  This is to help their little youngsters get settled. Eventually, our educators will keep them entertained with fun and engaging activities to distract the little ones when parents leave.

Our Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA offers an invitation to mums and dads who want their young children be educated in Curious Minds Learning Center that will help build their skills. Contact us now at 415-927-2616 for your inquiries or drop by at our school at Childcare Center in Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera CA, with a free tour to get around the area or classrooms. At Curious Minds Learning Center, we commit to ensuring that your little one’s talents and abilities are explored and developed!

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