Write and Draw: 5 Stages of Artistic Development every Parent Should Know

write and draw
Does that excite you hearing the first few words of your baby saying “mama” or “papa”? Or even seeing your little tots’ first tiny steps? More so, that moment when your child holds a crayon and starts fiddling with it and voila! Here comes the first abstract masterpiece on a piece of paper, the criss-cross or random scribbles! This stage of development should be appreciated for the very young children because curiosity is apparent and when that is explored, creativity follows. Seeing your tykes learn how to hold and take control of the crayons on a blank sheet of paper means a leap in his or her thinking ability and thus can be developed further.
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Every child is different and they can either have a quicker or slower progress, however, with support and guidance, you can see your child advancing one step at a time. Check the following stages of artistic development from zerotothree.org to help you identify their creativity as they age.
The Stages of Artistic Development
1st Stage: Random Scribbling (15 months to 2 ½ years)

  • no full understanding of artwork yet
  • visible big lines and scribbles
  • interested more on the texture and smell of the crayon

2nd Stage Controlled Scribbling (2 years to 3 years)

  • has developed control of fingers and muscles
  • if given a notebook, may make repeated horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines on each page or draw circles
  • can deliberately play with crayons, marking their fingers or thumbs

3rd Stage Lines and Patterns (2½ years to 3½ years)

  • beginning to understand components of writing letters such as lines, dots, curves or repeated patterns
  • unable to write alphabet letters yet
  • can grasp meanings of his or her drawings e.g. might ask you to interpret his or her drawings

4th Stage Pictures of Objects or People (3 years to 5 years)

  • becoming more imaginative and can associate those creative thoughts in drawing
  • can identify colours and correctly apply it to various pictures such as yellow for the sun, red for apple, green for plants etc.
  • will draw and scribble words to describe it

5th Stage Letter and Word Practice (3 to 5 years)

  • can start writing letters with their own names
  • scribbles gradually change and start to display words or sentences
  • make shorter or longer symbols or pretend letters

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