How many children are in the program? And what is the teacher/child ratio?

We are licensed for up to 30 children in the building at one time. With two classes running at most times, we have approximately 15 children in each class. Each program has between 2-3 teachers (depending on the age of the children) with a ratio of between 1:6 and 1:7. The director acts as a floater during the school day.

Are you a half day or full day program?

We offer either a half day or full day (except for Fridays) program for your child. You can choose to enroll for 2, 3, or 5 days/week for either 4 hours or up to 8 hours.

We do enroll children from our Toddler program, but it is not a requirement. Siblings always take priority for entrance into our preschool programs.

Will my child go to the Natural Classroom every week?

The OAK class (4-5 yrs) is eligible to attend the natural classroom. Friday is Natural Classroom day, so if your child attends CMLC on Fridays, he will go each week (weather dependent) to the Richardson Bay Audubon Sanctuary.

Does my child have to be potty trained to attend CMLC?

No, your child can attend in diapers for as long as needed. We do not potty train, but we do support your home plan in this regard. Once your child has been consistently dry of his/her own accord for several days, we will heartily support this process.

How do you handle separation anxiety?

Our teachers and director are well versed in this natural anxiousness about being first time drop offs. We work individually with each family in order to help make the transition from home to school a success. We have found that the parent’s demeanor is a cue for the child’s confidence level around attending school. Reassuring the child that “Mommy always comes back”, telling them when you will be back, handing the child off to a trusting adult and then promptly leaving has worked the best in most cases. In rare cases where the child does not settle, we will call the adult.

How are parents involved in the school?

Parents and extended family are an integral part of the CMLC community. We encourage everyone to share their unique skills and interests. From field trips to cooking, documenting, construction and artistry, our community is stronger with everyone’s involvement. The children recognize the value of their school when they see their families involved.

My child has allergies. How do you deal with this to keep my child safe?

We are a “no nuts or nut products” school. Teachers are trained to look through the children’s snack and lunch items and read the labels on snack bars to ensure the safety of all children. All teachers are trained in Epi-pen usage and are first aid/CPR certified.