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Core Values

  • Family/ Community- We believe in nurturing a community based on engagement and open communication, who values a culture of inquiry, creativity, and process. Children, teachers, and families join together to continually improve the system that supports our school.
  • Collaboration/ Reflection/ Knowledge- We believe in a collaborative process based on a dialogue that leads to deeper understanding and provides opportunities for connection and growth.
  • Environment – We believe in providing children and adults with an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating context, with open-ended materials that invite higher-order thinking skills and theory building.
  • Connection with Nature- We believe in fostering a connection with nature through experience, exploration, and family involvement. Our intention is to provide opportunities for children to create a respectful relationship with nature. Through integrated exposure, we strive to inspire environmental stewardship.
  • Inclusion- We work to create a fair and just environment where diversity and individuality are celebrated. We encourage a sense of belonging by modeling compassion, respect, and appreciation of our differences.


By inspiring and nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and a life-long love of learning, we can help foster the empathy needed for compassionate action.