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“Children have the greatest potential for success and can become positive contributors to the school community when schools view parents as partners,” stated Grant Wood.


At our school, families are the heart and soul of our community. We recognize and appreciate the vital role parents play as their child’s first teachers, and we wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to work alongside you as your child embarks on their journey in a social environment beyond the loving confines of home.

While we are not a parent cooperative, we highly value the input, support, and volunteerism that contribute to creating a compassionate and inclusive school culture. Our aim at Curious Minds Learning Center is to forge a partnership with you, fostering a nurturing and enriching experience during this important phase of your family’s life.

There are numerous avenues for involvement at Curious Minds Learning Center:

  • Our Parent Association collaborates with room parents in each class to organize social gatherings outside of school, such as holiday parties, parent nights out, park playdates on non-school days, and our annual CMLC movie night in the spring.
  • Our Natural Classroom initiative invites parent volunteers to assist teachers in supervising and creating memorable outdoor experiences for the children.
  • We regularly extend invitations to parents, encouraging them to spend “a day in the life” of their preschoolers.
  • Each autumn, we celebrate the changing seasons with a Heritage Feast, where families contribute dishes from their diverse cultures, whether it’s mac ‘n cheese or Indian dahl.
  • For those who may be pressed for time to volunteer, we understand and appreciate that. Families can also contribute by donating a bouquet to enhance the ambiance of their children’s classrooms.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any collaborative endeavor. Our interactive Family Portal, which is password-protected, serves as a hub for our families. It provides access to our family directory, calendar, volunteer sign-ups, photos, and monthly updates written by each educator to keep you informed about classroom activities. Additionally, we offer two formal parent-teacher conferences each year, fostering a platform for families and teachers to exchange discoveries and observations, strengthening the connection between home and school life.