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  1. Our two year old daughter Grace has recently joined Curious Minds Learning Center’s Willow Class and in a very short time, she has thrived and excelled in her creative, intellectual and developmental abilities. Within her first week at Curious Minds, she came home speaking complete sentences, expressing her emotions and finally mastered the art of “taking turns” with other children. When deciding on a preschool, we were faced with lots of choices in Marin – Montessori, Waldorf, etc, but the Reggio Emilia approach of self-directed, experiential learning in a relationship driven environment that is project based is an ideal fit for our family. We knew we had selected the right preschool when her teachers at Curious Minds described Grace as a “natural leader” within day one. Curious Minds new ownership is incredibly collaborative with the parents and the wider community in Marin. The new ownership has been transparent, accessible and a true partner to all of our families. Our family couldn’t be happier that we found a home with Curious Minds, have connected with other wonderful families in our community and have found a place where both my husband and I can work full-time and not worry about our children’s care. We cannot wait for our seven week old daughter Charlotte to also attend when she turns two years old. Thank you, Curious Minds for being a leader in children’s education and having a significant impact in our family’s life. Huge thanks to Jacki and David!

  2. I did a lot of research before deciding that Curious Minds Learning Center was the best place for our 2-year-old daughter, and yet I still cannot believe how she has thrived there. The director and teachers at CMLC clearly love what they do and put such great thought into every detail of the school environment — then they let the children lead their own exploration, providing guidance and comfort when needed. They celebrate and encourage each child’s individuality and unique strengths. Most importantly, my daughter (who was home with me for 2 years before starting at CMLC 5 days/week) is thrilled to go to school every morning! And I’m thrilled to see her developing the beginnings of empathy and resilience. I can tell that CMLC will prepare my daughter well for kindergarten without taking the joy out of childhood. I love the focus on the natural world and the other families who have become friends!

  3. As a first-year CMLC parent, we have been overwhelmingly pleased with the environment for our two young boys. Due to recent moves, we have been with three different preschools over the last three years, and CMLC has far exceeded our expectations. This learning center has helped to instill an inquisitive, kind and fun atmosphere in the daily lives of our kids, and we are so grateful to participate in and watch the process as our children grow and learn in this wonderful community.

  4. My daughter started at Curious Minds when she had just turned 2 years old, and she has completely thrived under the care of the wonderful teachers. The atmosphere is warm and nurturing, and the children are free to be themselves and learn at a natural pace. I love that the focus at Curious Minds is on play, exploration, community and nature; they recognize that these are the most important parts of childhood. My daughter gets to have such rich experiences every day, and now that she is a 4-year old in the Oak class, she gets to run, play, hike and explore the outdoors at the Natural Classroom. We could not be happier that we chose Curious Minds!

  5. Our daughter is nearing the end of her second year at Curious Minds and we could not be happier with the immensely positive influence this school has had on her development. The learning approach is truly inspired by the children curiosity – the teachers guide the kids on their own journeys to finding the answers they need – empowering them to discover more on their own. We also love the strong emphasis they place on emotional awareness, kind conduct to each other and helping the kids communicate their needs effectively. Unique activities such as their Natural Classroom (outdoors), family cultural shares, birthday book traditions and community potlucks set Curious Minds apart from other preschools and helps to build exceptionally strong community. Our daughter comes home beaming with happiness every day after school – the proof is in the pudding!

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