What Parents Say about Curious Minds Learning Center

Our daughter is nearing the end of her second year at Curious Minds and we could not be happier with the immensely positive influence this school has had on her development. The learning approach is truly inspired by the children curiosity – the teachers guide the kids on their own journeys to finding the answers they need – empowering them to discover more on their own. We also love the strong emphasis they place on emotional awareness, kind conduct to each other and helping the kids communicate their needs effectively. Unique activities such as their Natural Classroom (outdoors), family cultural shares, birthday book traditions and community potlucks set Curious Minds apart from other preschools and helps to build exceptionally strong community. Our daughter comes home beaming with happiness every day after school – the proof is in the pudding!

~ Lisa
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Beginning when our daughter was 2 years old, Curious Minds Learning Center has provided our daughter a fun, nurturing and safe place to explore the world and build relationships. The school’s director, Pam Harris, takes special care to get to know the families and children and translates this knowledge to better meet the children’s specific needs in the classroom. We have been delighted to be part of the community this school has created and look forward to continuing Zoe’s development as a “mighty Oak” with Curious Minds!

~ Jeff and Jen
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We have been so thrilled with our experience these past three years. Our children have flourished in an environment that is supportive, nurturing and rich in learning. We found Pam and our teachers to communicate effectively with us and the kids. The classroom experience is thoughtful, engaging and innovative!

The highlight of our experience has been the Natural Classroom at the Audubon. This affords the children an opportunity to get outside and explore, learn and engage in a natural setting. One of our children especially flourishes in the natural classroom. Typically more reserved in the classroom at school, he is actively involved at Natural Classroom. Uncovering crabs below rocks, writing in the sand and organizing imaginative play with his friends, our son comfortably explores and learns here.

Our children have loved their time at school and are more than prepared as they enter into kindergarten!

~ Kealy
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Curious Minds has been such an incredible gift to our boys and family. Both of my boys have gone through the 2′s program and my oldest son will graduate from Pre-K this May.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is an approach to teaching, learning and advocacy for children. The teachers at Curious Minds are not only knowledgeable in the Reggio philosophy, they spend countless hours creating an environment and curriculum where every child wonders, explores and is curious. Long term projects connect core academic areas in and out of the classroom. These projects have been the richest part of my boys learning experiences. They have brought home with them new ideas to share with our family as well as questions that help us ponder and connect to the world around us.

This is not just a preschool. Curious Minds is a family. The Director Pam is there to greet each family every morning, the teachers are prepared and foster the love of learning each day and the families experience this school together and have fun outside school too!

Deirdre Markham
Mom of Drew (4 1/2- Oak Class) & James (3- Willow Class)
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Bravo to Pam for leading such a wonderful preschool program! Curious Minds, conveniently located in Corte Madera, is an intimate little place of learning, where the kids benefit from Reggio-based methods — spontaneous, yet intentional, learning, with an emphasis on personal discovery and outdoor exploration. Pam and Greg (our teacher) are caring, fun-loving, and patient — we all know how hard that can be with the terrible two’s! (.. And even three’s and four’s if you’re not there yet!) With sincere and honest feedback from Pam and Greg through parent-teacher meetings and regular communication, we know how invested they are in our daughter. If you want to drop off your child in good hands and return to smiles, check out Curious Minds!

~ Caitlin and Andrew Brown